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Hi there!

I am so pleased you found me here. A place where I bring you a little of the wonders of the world, through  a  range of quality fine art, photography and very much more.

From my bush cabin outside the iconic village of Nimbin in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia, I play, paint and create. I live and paint immersed in nature, gratefully on the lands of the Widjabul Wia-bul people, of the Bundjalung Nation.

This is a special place, where the Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoo fly and fluorescent dragonflies dart playfully along the gully. Here the reclusive Wompoo dove forage, vibrant  butterflies join flighty Fairy Wrens, while Whip birds and Fire flies join in natures colourful, harmonic cabaret. Delighting me daily and reminding me to go slowly, to get in line, helping me find balance and be still.

Along side nature, in this magical patch of paradise, I dip my brush, wet my watercolours, acrylics and inks, to bring an eclectic mix of realistic, bold brush and print work to life. Spilling colour on traditional canvas, timbers, linen and paper and exploring non traditional materials such as hemp cloth and alternative photography practices. Waste reduction, recycling  and sustainability are threaded throughout my life. As a part of this ethos, I am pleased to offer a quality print on demand service, use materials with ethically sourced timber, seeking every opportunity to minimise my carbon footprint .

At times the impetus to express will come from nature, with a pretty botanical beckoning me to play. Other times it may be from a trinket that captures my eye, asking me to paint. Then memories of my carefree bush childhood or more recent gypsy travels sneak in, teasing me to create.  

So whether you are looking to add a special touch to your home décor with a fine art original, print or gift. Seeking to insert the wonderment of nature into a newborns nursery or children’s space. I invite you to view my gallery to bring the joy, the colour and  contours of my world into yours. 

Liz Wilson

Liz Wilson
Art Collection


We couldn’t be happier with the lion painting Liz has created for our baby boy!...
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Tom and Kitty - Bathurst NSW
We couldn’t be happier with the lion painting Liz has created for our baby boy! We wanted a lion for our sons nursery, something that wasn’t scary but still very realistic. The masterpiece watercolour Liz created for him is so wonderful with breathtaking attention detail His kind, soft eyes appear to be watching over our little boy. “BANJOS LION”  now keeps our little fella safe at night beside his bed. He gives him a big kiss before he falls asleep each night. Liz recomended we have it archivally framing and we are so happy we did. No reflections, protected from sun fading to retain the gorgeous colours for a family heirloom. We would recommend getting in touch with Liz to speak with her about what she can create for you, she is so talented. Thanks so much Liz
Tom and Kitty - Bathurst NSW
Tom and Kitty - Bathurst NSW
As a lifelong art lover attending many exhibitions I’ve often thought buying an original piece...
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Lu, Bathurst NSW
As a lifelong art lover attending many exhibitions I’ve often thought buying an original piece of art was an extravagant luxury, until I saw Liz’s works. My first purchases of “Three Sunflower’s and  “Green Dragonfly” are watercolours of a vibrancy and colour that are exquisite. They felt luxurious to see but at a price I could afford and brought wonderful childhood memories back, so I had to have both. Now im the proud collector  of not two but three of Liz’s framed originals. Adding her wintery streetscape of the much travelled freeway from Sydney to my home,“Bathurst Road in Snow” is a moody monotone, that draws you in. Liz’s passion for nature is evident in her beautiful and free flowing style. Her Artworks take pride of place in my newly renovated 1890’s era home and The professional framing is so impressive ! Thanks so much Liz.
Lu, Bathurst NSW
Lu, Bathurst NSW
"I'd like to pay homage to Liz for a gorgeous watercolour art work I commissioned...
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Jo - In Queensland
"I'd like to pay homage to Liz for a gorgeous watercolour art work I commissioned for a special friends 21st B’day gift. The patience Liz put into into creating 'Bookstack' more than met my expectations. Depicting classic titles in detailed vintage book binders beautifully. The gift was a hit with the reciever who studies literature. I have since commissioned another painting in Acrylic for my guest house. Forever grateful".
Jo - In Queensland
Jo - In Queensland

Australian Zebra
Stone Collection

A little patch
of paradise

Nimbin, NSW 2480

My sweet home studio is outside the iconic village of Nimbin. Nestled at the foot of the rainforest, with the best neighbours In the universe.

Sitting within a glorious valley, skirted by rainforest its a tropical paradise, a fruit salad bowl brimming with makers, crafters, environmentalists and growers. A beautiful and loving community, Nimbin has a rich history of farming and a renowned hemp culture worldwide. Since the Aquarius Festival here in 1973, the village has retained its colourful buildings and ethos of sustainability, activism, inclusiveness and share-community lifestyle. Much of the culture here is attributed to the Hippies who stayed on after Aquarius

It was late 2020/21 when we arrived and the big wet of  ‘La Nina’ was creating a swamp here at the very same time. We began planting to regenerate the land, however incessant rain hampered progression, for many morale was challenged.

For me the rain was not to deter my new found passion. Under the caravan awning, I sat at my little timber ‘secretaire’ found on market place and painted my very first watercolour. A gold Gazania flower. I was intent on pursuing my painting practice to a new vocation, as the rains beat down, my ‘gold laced’ Wyandotte chickens seeking refuge at my feet, there was much to be grateful for  .

Known as the Rainbow Region, there is always something interesting happening here and the people here radiate high energy and good vibes. It is a community who genuinely care, for everyone and everything. However I had arrived to a little patch of paradise that was about to be tested and so was I.

The water was relentless, its rhythmical beat became catastrophic flooding on the night of February 27th 2022. Our major service town, Lismore was wiped out, thousands displaced, houses swept away, communities injured and in shock. Comparatively I was one of the very lucky ones.

I had just lost my mother, ‘we’ had become ‘me’ in more ways than one. I was thankfully dry and safe, living in a partially completed cabin, with almost no amenities for months and effects of living with chronic pain and now grief were overwhelming me. I needed a breather and sought respite of families and friends over 6 months. With never seen before environmental damage, landslides, services cut for weeks, paradise was also overcome with trauma and loss and I didn’t feel I had anything to offer her.

Whilst away a lot was gained, I painted prolifically and helped a friend who was also without one find a home. The idea was seeded to build this website and to launch by the time I turned 60. 

I quietly turned 60 whilst in Iron Knob, South Australia and arrived back to Nimbin as our little village was celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the famous 1973 Aquarius Festival. It was time to enjoy all this little patch of paradise has to offer me. I joined a choir, which injects a wonderful amount of joy to my Wednesdays. I set about to make my cabin more liveable and with a lot of help, that is happening, I conclude this paragraph with the website set to launch and major surgery at months end, which I hope will in time make life more comfortable for me to continue to play, paint and create on my little patch of paradise and sprinkle a little colour joy into the world.

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With a sense of being close to my ‘IKIGAI’ I am content and thankful for my bountiful life on this little patch of paradise, where I play, I paint and I create. 

Cabin life however still brings with it some interesting challenges. Not having a TV or kitchen, far less of an issue than having available water, space or the right light to create under. 

widjabul wia-bal jugan

For the Original Custodians, Nimbin has always been a sacred place of learning and transformation.

The valley where the village now lies was the gathering place of many, with the Nimbin Rocks to the south for men’s business and places to the north and east for women’s business. The Rocks are monolithic fragments from the Wollumbin Mount Warning Volcano that erupted approximately 20 million years ago and are of great cultural significance to the traditional owners of the Bundjalung nation. These significant landmarks are regarded as sacred sites of initiation and higher learning by the Original people. Access is restricted to the public, but you can check out the Rocks from the viewing area 2kms south of the village.

Nimbin and its surrounding ranges are rich with stories reaching back to the Dreamtime, and is known as the resting place of Warrajum, the rainbow serpent, and a place of healing and initiation.

The word Nimbin comes from the legend of the Nimbinjee people who are also the totem of the local Wia-bal tribe. The ancient sleeping warrior of the Nightcap Range still lies in watch over the village, like the famous Nimbin Rocks, which are now under the custodianship of the Bundjalung people.

Guest Artists

Our Guest Artists collections is a creative hub for invited artists.

To showcase and make available to you a diverse range of fine art, embracing the wonder of nature, objects, space and time.


Liz Wilson Art Work acknowledges the traditional people as custodians and knowledge holders of the traditional lands we travel, create, and learn on, throughout the continent that has been colonially known as Australia.

We pay deepest respects to all Custodians of Country, of whom these lands belong. Especially the land and people of Gamilaraay where Liz was born, and Wiradjuri where Liz raised her children and the local Widgabul Wia-bul people of Bundjalung Nation, where Liz now lives and paints.

Liz Wilson Art Work acknowledges Aboriginal people as the first artists and storytellers on this continent and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. Sovereignty was never ceded.

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